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ARC+ 2019

Atlantic Rally for Cruisers

Sailing via the Cape Verdes:
ARC+ will depart Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on Sunday 10 November, sailing to Mindelo, Sao Vincente, Cape Verde for a 3 to 5 day stopover before the restart to Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia on 21 November. A maximum of 75 yachts sail with the ARC+ route. 


The race starts in Las Palmas October 31st with the latest arrival November 3 in with preparations, courses and social events. 

Departure November 10 with arrival Cape Verde 15-17 November. 

We get a great week with many nice experiences and socializing at Cape Verde before restart November 20.

The Atlantic crossing to St. Lucia is the longest and most exciting leg with expected arrival in St. Lucia in the Carribbean around 3-8 December. 

Price award arrangement is due 11 December.


We have qualified skippers on both boats, so no previous experience needed. It is nevertheless an advantage with some prior knowledge and that one does not become scared or easily seasick.


The whole arrangement costs $ 3.850, -. per person. 

Food and drinks are additional (about USD 500). «Pocketmoney», plane tickets etc are also at the participants own expense. 


We gladly join a party or more when we are on land, but when at sea we do not permit alcohol consumption. This is for safety reasons. 

The only exception is a glass of champagne which is enjoyed midway across the sea. This is an old tradition that must, of course, be honored


We have only 3 available crew spots onboard The Pink Parrot (Bavaria 45 Cruiser) 

Arriving in Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia

Every boat is welcomed to Rodney Bay Marina with rum punches, fresh fruit and chilled beer.  No matter what time of day or night, the welcome party will be ready for you!

For more information please see: World Cruising Club